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Now I know how to spell my name in Cyrillic 
26th-Jun-2012 09:35 pm
talent, pencil
The Bulgarian edition of ComputerWorld has a nice article on the Evolution of Technical Communications conference that I presented at earlier this month. (I've linked Google Translate's rendition into English, which is amusingly fractured but gives the gist.) There's a nice long quote from me on the uses of video in technical documentation:

According to Wendy Shaffer, who works in the "Technical Publications" of VMware, the video is important for several reasons. "First, some users prefer visual information. Second, the video is a good way to get new things seem less scary. Users generally do not like change, while our products continually evolve and grow so that we have to convince users to accept change. When you get familiar with it through a video, they receive a slight induction of new product and begin to feel more comfortable with the idea to be acquainted with it than if they themselves have to dive into the deep. At a conference in VMware (VMworld) had a request for documentation among our clients most frequently recurring theme in the responses was "we want video." Consumers want video, because they like because they feel comfortable with him directly and some said that they do not like to read, "said Schaefer.

I sounded a bit more articulate before I was translated from English into Bulgarian by a human and then back into English by a machine, but, again, that's the gist.

My name in Cyrillic: Уенди Шейфър ("Uendi Shayfer")
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