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I expect the next version of the phone to call me when it gets lost

Was working away at my desk this morning when I realized I didn't have my phone. I remembered having it when I got in the car this morning. Retraced my steps to the car, looked in the car, didn't find it. Logged in to iCloud, went to Find My iPhone, and verified that the phone had come to work with me. Sent a message to the phone saying, "This is Wendy Shaffer's phone," and retraced my steps again, hoping I might hear the text message beep.

Rerturned to my office to get a phone call saying, "I'm in conference room C-6 and I have your phone." Phone retrieved, everyone happy.

I love it when technology works. Though I would love it more if I could get a phone holster that would a) stay securely on my belt and b) hold the phone reasonably securely and c) still allow easy removal of the phone so I can place it in an armband case for running/working out. The current case handles b and c really well, but it's still a little iffy on a.
Tags: gadget freak, the computer is your friend

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