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Daleks can fix your relationship problems and Nefertiti on a spaceship! 
12th-Sep-2012 09:00 am
Well, now that I've properly caught up on Doctor Who, I might as well put down a few half-baked thoughts.

Clearly, Doctor Who this season has decided to go Bonkers with a capital B. Probably all to the good, although I'm not going to think about the basic underlying premise of this story too much, because I strongly suspect it makes no sense.

I'm torn between being annoyed that the most significant development in Amy and Rory's relationship during the show happened off screen, and being relieved that we didn't actually have to go through the whole process of them breaking up. Because it wouldn't have been fun. But I am annoyed that since they've gotten back together in this episode, we will probably never so much as refer to their relationship troubles ever again. Because, really, if Rory can straightforwardly say to Amy, "It's the basic fact of our relationship that I love you more than you love me," and if Amy can decide to preemptively dump Rory because he wants children and she can't have any more, without so much as giving him a clue that this is the reason for their split...they've still got some issues to work through. Love does not actually consist of deciding that you know better than your partner does how they feel.

Still, on a happier note, I am intrigued by new future companion Oswin. And I'm enough of a nerd that I cheered when the planet Kembel was mentioned. "Daleks' Masterplan" shoutout FTW!

Largely non-spoilery thoughts on "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship":
Chris Chibnall has finally written an episode of Doctor Who that didn't make me want to stick a spork in my eye. I'm so pleased, because he seems to be a permanent part of the writing rotation.

How awesome is Nefertiti as a companion? Very awesome. More Egyptian pharoahs in the TARDIS, please. (Although was I the only one who kept waiting in vain for a shout-out to Big Finish's Erimem? Surely not.)

I love how Doctorish Amy gets to be in this episode, and how competent Rory gets to be, and Rory's dad.

Roll on, episode 3!
12th-Sep-2012 07:13 pm (UTC)
Word to pretty much all of this. I wouldn't have wanted to see Amy and Rory's breakup, either. It would have been nice to have *one line* somewhere, sometime in the past foreshadowing it (especially since Moffat claims to be in it for the long haul) or hinting at Amy's recurring difficulties, but I wouldn't have wanted to witness the whole thing. I'm here for space, not soap, opera.

I *loved* the Doctor calling Nefertiti "Nefy". And Amy's dialogue about whether she's a queen or not, and then taking it hurriedly back was pitch perfect. :D
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