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Music Monday: Nightwish! 
17th-Sep-2012 11:36 am
pondering, bowie
In a few weeks, I'm going to see Nightwish, supported by Kamelot, on what apparently ought to be called the "Their Original Singers Were Better Tour", if you judge by fan comments on Youtube. I really don't know the work of either band well enough at this point to have a strong opinion on the matter.

I do love how much fun Nightwish appear to be having in this video - if they can bring even a fraction of that across on stage, they ought to be a hoot live. Check out the keyboard player's epic eyebrow action!

17th-Sep-2012 09:13 pm (UTC)
Nightwish's live show are pretty darn good, yah.

Where is the show in question happening? I should probably at least consider going, as both Nightwish & Kamelot feature prominently in the soundtracks I made for previous writing projects...
17th-Sep-2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
It's at the Warfield in San Francisco, on October 3 (a Wednesday). Details here: http://thewarfieldtheatre.com/eventdetail.php?id=34975

Let me know if you decide to go - I think Daniel and I are going to try to round up a few friends we know who are going for dinner before the show.
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