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Went to see the Zoppé Family Circus in Redwood City with my… 
20th-Oct-2012 06:56 pm
bannakaffalatta, short
Went to see the Zoppé Family Circus in Redwood City with my sister-in-law and her kids. I managed to avoid dropping Youngest Niece, prevented Younger Nephew from running headlong into the circus ring or traffic on Middlefield Rd., and entertained Older Nephew by putting a variety of silly things on my head and asking if they were hats. Mission accomplished.

(At one point, I put my grey sweatshirt on my head, and Older Nephew promptly declared that I looked like a lawyer. Apparently, in his world, lawyers wear grey wigs, like British barristers. Yes, I think this child and I are related.)

The circus itself was fun - a nice mix of acrobatics, trained animal acts, and good old-fashioned slapstick clown comedy. It's very much aimed at kids, and I don't think I'd go without a small one in tow, but if you're willing to tap into your inner child, you'll enjoy yourself. (Their current run is just about up for this year, but they come to Redwood City yearly.)
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