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Music Monday: Keeping the Faith Edition 
10th-Dec-2012 02:54 pm
mccoy, goth
The Mission U.K. are playing in San Francisco in September! And I've got tickets!

This is something of a leap of faith on my part, since historically on U.S. tours somebody in the band has pitched a tantrum and left the band. Still, they've promised to try not to get on each others' nerves this time 'round. (And, you know, they've mellowed with age. And cessation of amphetamine usage.)

I have wanted to see this band live for about 25 years now, and had about convinced myself that they would never do a U.S. tour ever again. Apparently, there's a concert promoter out there who likes me.*

(I'd also convinced myself that they'd be a pale shadow of the band they once were, but folks who have seen this reunited line-up in recent European shows have given positive accounts.)

"Beyond the Pale" seems like a fitting video to include here, since it's kind of got a touring theme to it.

*Just in case there is a concert promoter out there who likes me: Four words. Fields. Of. The. Nephilim.
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