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25th-Jan-2013 10:17 pm
running, shoes
So, when it comes to climbing, my toes have always been my Achilles heel* (er, so to speak). I tend not to point my toes properly and put too much weight on the ball of my foot, which means that by the end of a climbing session, the base of my big toe is sore.

I had hopes that getting my own pair of climbing shoes (rather than the rental ones I've been using) would remedy this. And it sort of did. My new shoes squish the toes together a bit and really force the foot into proper alignment. The ball of my foot didn't hurt at all as I climbed tonight. However, my toes, not used to bearing the brunt of all my climbing, were in a lot of pain - enough so that that was basically the limiting factor in my climbs. I'd come down off a wall when I couldn't bear the thought of putting weight on my feet anymore.

Now that I'm home and back in normal shoes, my feet feel fine. I think it's just a combination of my needing to break in the shoes, and my feet needing to adjust to the demands of this different mode of climbing. I'll give it some more sessions to adjust, and if it doesn't get better, I'll go to Planet Granite's shop and ask them to help me find some non-painful shoes.

* Well, apart from my other Achilles heels like poor flexibility, lack of upper body strength, and a mild fear of heights. Yet, somehow, I love this sport.
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