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Music Monday: Shakespearean edition 
4th-Feb-2013 09:10 am
calm, metal
I get a steady trickle of bands that follow me on twitter. It usually gets me to check out their music, so it's probably an effective promotion strategy. Most recently, a Greek band called Nightfall followed me. I really like their stuff - I guess I would describe it as melodic death metal with gothic overtones? Growled vocals, keyboards, lots of atmosphere, lyrics drawing on mythological and literary themes - it is My Kind of Thing.

"Oberon and Titania" is a song from their new album, Cassiopeia. I got a kick out of the opening scroll that explains that the song is based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and synopsizes thus:

He is the king of fairies and she is the fairy queen. Their powers and skills forcefully turned against each other, like maniacs blinded by light of passion and haughtiness. They drag themselves to the lowest dungeons of nature.

Ceaseless passion between two beings. Passion that unites before it destroys anything around it once unleashed. We are nothing when it comes to sustaining our gratefulness in front of desire. We are born broken in a diluted world poets' admiration cannot disguise.

None can break the broken. Broken we all are.

Which makes me feel like I missed something when I read Midsummer Night's Dream, because I do not remember that much EPIC PASSION. Maybe it's different in Greek. Though it actually kind of sounds like what you would have gotten if Thomas Middleton had written A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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