wshaffer (wshaffer) wrote,

Good news! The toes can stay

Had fun climbing with friends last night. I climbed a really fun 5.7 that had lousy handholds but pretty good footholds, forcing me to work on balance and foot position and other good things. Then I spent the rest of the evening flailing around on the lower reaches of various 5.7's and 5.8's.

The shoe situation was much better - I've learned that if I work on consciously curling my toes, and take the shoes off when I'm not climbing (yay, velcro!), I don't hurt nearly as much. My feet were still sore by the end of the evening, but only in proportion to how much everything else hurt. (One night i was climbing at PG, and overhead the following exchange between the two climbers on the next rope: Girl 1: How come you can't get your boyfriend to climb? Girl 2: He doesn't really like pain.)
Tags: climb like monkey, fitness
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