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Musical Grab Bag 
11th-Mar-2013 07:49 pm
calm, metal
Century Media's online store has a deal where they'll send you ten randomly-selected metal CDs for $25 (plus shipping). Currently, it's on sale for $17.50 (plus shipping). At that price, there only need to be about two decent discs in the whole lot for it to be worth it, so I decided to give it a go.

Here's what I got:

Night In Gales. Nailwork: Never heard of them, but apparently they're a German melodic death metal band.

Vampires Everywhere. Kiss the Sun Goodbye: The "Hot Topic Exclusive Edition". I'm getting a strong "this is aimed at gothy teeny-boppers" vibe off this one. But, you know, I *was* a gothy teeny-bopper back in the day.

Arch Enemy. Khaos Legions: Deluxe edition with a bonus disc of cover songs. Sweet. I haven't listened to a lot of Arch Enemy, but Angela Gossow is a bad-ass.

Divine Heresy. Bringer of Plagues: Never heard of them. Apparently American death metal/metalcore. Most things labelled metalcore tend not to float my boat.

Naglfar. Teras: Never heard of them either. Judging by their unreadable logo, black metal. Which means that I'll have to google them to check that none of them have ever burned down a church, gone to prison for a murder, or espoused Nazi ideology before I have a listen.

In Flames. Rope: A CD single. I don't dislike In Flames, but most of their stuff that I've heard has never really grabbed me. We'll see if this is different.

Act As If. The Iron Is Hot: A 4 song EP. The cover art makes this look like indie rock, not metal. And according to Wikipedia, it is indie rock, not metal. Neat.

Just Like Vinyl. Black Mass: Features songs called "Bitches Get Stitches" and "Dick". Not making a good first impression, bros.

Rotting Christ. Sanctus Diavolos: A band that I've heard of, but not heard before.

Dark Tranquility. The Gallery: Deluxe edition with bonus tracks. Swedish melodic death metal. Sweet!
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