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Music Monday: Psychoviking edition.  
25th-Mar-2013 10:40 am
mccoy, goth
Early last week, original Fields of the Nephilim bass player Tony Pettitt "liked" Fields of the Nephilim on Facebook, prompting fan speculation that he would be rejoining the band. (Neph fans get into reading the tea leaves. Sometimes years go by where we get nothing out of this band but tea leaves, so it's become a bit of a habit.)

Much to my astonishment, he did in fact appear playing bass for the band's show in Helsinki last Friday. Even more delightfully, based on both eye-witness accounts and YouTube video, the entire band appears to have sounded fantastic. (Alas, the sound quality on the YouTube videos is not great, but it's enough to let you imagine how it might have.)

As far as I know, nobody's made any statement about whether this is a one shot appearance or if Pettitt is back in the band long term. I kind of hope it's the latter. (If the stars align right, I might get a chance to see Fields of the Nephilim perform live during a trip to the U.K. I'm planning for next year. Would love to see them with this line up.)

Again, apologies for crappy sound, but here is the band playing "Psychonaut":
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