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Music Monday: Lacuna Coil

On Saturday, I went and saw Candlelight Red, Lacuna Coil, Coal Chamber, and Sevendust at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. I might get around to posting a longer review later, but it was a great show all around, though I particularly enjoyed Candlelight Red and Lacuna Coil.

I got a couple of halfway decent photos of Lacuna Coil. Here's my favorite:
Regency Ballroom 3/30/2013

The sound at the show was excellent, but also very loud, so unsurprisingly I haven't seen any audience-shot footage that sounds remotely bearable. So, instead, I'll include the official video for "Spellbound", a Lacuna Coil song that has actually never been one of my favorites, but which I found myself really enjoying when they played it on Saturday.

Tags: music, teen angst and loud guitars, video
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