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Younger Nephew Explains the Rules 
3rd-May-2013 08:49 am
sunglasses, south-park
Younger Nephew was not only not going to go to bed, he was not going to engage in further discussion of why he was not going to go to bed. So he stuck his fingers in his ears.

So, I stuck my fingers in my ears.

"You can't do that!" said Younger Nephew, with delighted outrage. "You are not four!"

"It's true," I admitted. "I'm not four."

By the time his mother came back to have another try at getting him to go to bed, we were deep in discussion of what my next birthday cake would be like. Cake is a subject on which Younger Nephew is well-informed and passionately opinionated. I think he's on track to be quite the accomplished baker.
3rd-May-2013 04:00 pm (UTC)
That's adorable.
3rd-May-2013 04:11 pm (UTC)
So what sort of cake does YN think you should have?? :)
3rd-May-2013 08:09 pm (UTC)
A chocolate cake, with ice cream on the side. And he then proceeded to sketch out its dimensions in the air and describe how it should be frosted and decorated - I'll admit that I didn't quite catch all of it, but it sounded quite elaborate!
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