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You know you're a death metal fan when... 
28th-May-2013 09:38 am
evil_laugh, minimaster
...a coworker asks who played at the concert you went to over the weekend, and you consider making up something up rather than replying, "Noothgrush, Benediction, Autopsy, and Bolt Thrower".
29th-May-2013 02:03 pm (UTC)
I must say, I am enjoying your Doctor Who icons. I've gone and checked your others, now, and especially like the "pervy" series.

I've only written one Doctor Who related post. It ain't much. Just venting some amused frustration.

29th-May-2013 05:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I didn't make any of them - I can only take credit for diligently scouring icon posts for the good ones. I'll have to go back and see if anyone has made a "pervy 11 fancier" icon - were were still in David Tennant's era when that series was made.

Given that the Doctor's accent has changed from regeneration to regeneration, I think there's no logical reason why he couldn't regenerate into an American. I don't expect it to happen any time soon, though.
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