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Well, I'd been idly wondering since Matt Smith rolled into his fourth year playing the Doctor if we'd see an announcement like this: Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who. And here we are.

I think Smith has been a superb Doctor, even if I sometimes wish he'd been given better scripts to work with. (Or, I think I do. I have not been keeping up with the current season as obsessively as I have seasons past, although I can't quite put my finger on what seems to be missing for me. It may be that nothing's missing at all, and this is just part of the natural ebb and flow of my fannishness. In the nearly 30 years that Doctor Who has more or less consistently been my favorite television show, I've noticed that now and then I need to step back from it a bit.)

Anyway, what do I hope for in Doctor number twelve? As I think I said last time the casting was up for grabs, I'd like them to go for a somewhat older actor. Not because I think older actors are inherently better for the job, but because we've had a few now on the younger side, and I think it would be nice to restore the balance. Doctor Who has often provided excellent actors who weren't classic "leading man" material a chance to be leading men, and I think perhaps we risk losing that.

I'd also be delighted if they cast an actor of color.

Yes, Patterson Joseph still ticks all my boxes. Failing that, I don't have any other names that spring to mind. Given past casting patterns, it'll be someone I've never heard of, and they'll be brilliant in the part. I guess we'll see.

I wonder if they'll really do the regeneration in the Christmas episode, though. Christmas episodes are usually so fluffy and feel-good, and a regeneration will have us all crying into our eggnogg. I wonder if this is a tiny bit of misdirection, and the regeneration will actually happen in the 50th anniversary episode. And when Smith says he'll be back for the Christmas episode, he means the pre-credits reprise of the regeneration sequence, or some flashbacks, or something. Given Moffatt's penchant for wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, we could easily have a post-regeneration episode featuring both the new Doctor and his current incarnation. That could be interesting.
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