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New personal trainer 
10th-Jun-2013 11:14 am
running, shoes
Had my first workout with a new personal trainer today. (My previous trainer moved on to a new job.) It's interesting how much trainers differ in their approach even when they have very similar credentials and backgrounds.

New guy is very into TRX training, and also likes to do a lot of farmer's walk type exercises. (We did three different variations on the "hold a weight and walk around" - one standing on my toes to work the calves, one with a kettlebell held in one hand to work the obliques, and one with dumbells held overhead to simultaneously work the abs and make my arms cry.) He seems to be into high-rep training for the legs, which I'm a little meh about, but he seems very open to changing up to suit my preferences. I had to ask him to give me a heavier weight on a few exercises, but that was true of my first session with my previous trainer - he pretty quickly figured out what I could actually do.

Apparently I have strong calf muscles:
Trainer hands me two 10-lb dumbbells and tells me to walk across the gym and back on my toes until I "feel the burn".
I make 1 lap.
Trainer: How you feeling?
Me: Fine!
I make a second lap.
Trainer: Wow, great effort!
I make a third lap.
Trainer: Feeling anything yet?
Me: Sure, there's a bit of a burn.
I make a 4th lap.
Trainer: Oh, I am so giving you a heavier weight next time.

I think I can work with this guy.
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