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Talking to personal trainers

After thinking about yesterday's workout with my new trainer, I decided that maybe I hadn't been entirely clear about what my training goals were. (The overall workout was good, but doing 18-rep sets of bodyweight squats on the TRX doesn't seem like it's going to get me closer to my goal of squatting with the big-girl bar*.) So, when I emailed my trainer (as he'd requested) to let him know how I felt the day after the workout, I told him what I liked about the workout and then added that I'd like to add some low-rep/heavy weight lower body training to the mix.

After I sent the email, I bumped into him in the gym. And he was just super-excited about the prospect of doing squats and deadlifts with me, talking about how he loves training that way and how people get the best results that way. I think I made his day.

Interesting that he thinks it's the best way to train, but that he apparently doesn't train most of his clients that way by default. I kind of got the impression from talking to him that he thinks that most non-athletes just aren't interested in serious lifting. Maybe he's right. Anyway, I'm glad I expressed my interest more clearly. (When we initially talked, I said something like, "I want to work on building strength," which apparently has more room for interpretation than I thought.)

*I picked up the habit somewhere of referring to the 45-lb. olympic bar as the "big-girl bar". Which never fails to bring a smile to my face when I see some big dude loading it up for a set of squats.
Tags: fitness, professional communicator

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