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Music Monday: Stumbling in the Dark 
17th-Jun-2013 08:08 am
sunglasses, south-park
I discovered this site called Mixcloud, which is a podcasting site specifically targeted at DJ's and people creating music mixes. It requires uploaders to submit a track listing, and then actually pays the artists per stream. Yay, legality and musicians getting paid and all of that.

I then discovered that with the combination of Garageband and Mixcloud, it is possible to get your very own radio show up on the internet faster than your brain can come up with all the reasons why this is a silly thing to do. I called the show "Stumbling in the Dark", and rather optimistically numbered it episode 001. (Though if I keep at it, I'm going to need to get a better microphone.)

Listening to myself in playback, I'm struck by how American I sound. I've been conditioned to expect podcast voices to be British!

Here it is:

Stumbling in the Dark Episode 001 by Wendy Shaffer on Mixcloud

The tracklist:

XII - Virtue
Sweet Ermengarde - Kisses
The Eden House - The Tempest
Bruce Soord and Jonas Renkse - Wisdom of Crowds
Katatonia - Hypnone
October Tide - Caught in Silence
My Dying Bride - Hail Odysseus
talanas - The Veil & Its Behest
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