wshaffer (wshaffer) wrote,

Music Monday: Siberian Doom!

Today's musical selection is Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going Out by Station Disthymia. I haven't actually had a chance to listen to this complete album yet. The first song is over 34 minutes long. The other three are shorter. But I am liking what I have heard so far, and this band has three additional factors going for them:
1. They're from Siberia!
2. The album title is, Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going Out. Clarke shoutout in my heavy metal. I likes.
3. Writing a 34+ minute song is surely a sign of something. I'll be quite curious to see if it holds up to repeat listens, but it may take me a few weeks to find out.

My attempts to embed the bandcamp music player are failing miserably, so if you want to have a listen, go to the Station Disthymia band camp page here:
Tags: music, teen angst and loud guitars

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