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Music Monday: Entombed 
12th-Aug-2013 11:48 am
calm, metal
I recorded and posted a 4th episode of the Stumbling in the Dark podcast over the weekend: http://www.mixcloud.com/wendyshaffer/stumbling-in-the-dark-episode-004/

Entombed were kind enough to share the podcast on their Facebook/twitter feed, probably quadrupling my listenership overnight. You guys, I got tweeted by Entombed! Achievement unlocked.

So, I thought I'd share another Entombed song here today. "Wolverine Blues" is not only a classic bit of death-n-roll, but the video is a testament to the days when Marvel was not the mainstream entertainment titan it is today and was totally cool with the idea of allowing Wolverine's image to be licensed and used in a cheesy video by a Swedish death metal band. This would not happen today.

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