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More pictures of people with musical instruments 
28th-Sep-2013 03:30 pm
Daniel and I went to see Eklipse, Delain, and Kamelot the Friday before last, so I got a chance to try out my new camera again.

By the way, I've taken to posting my concert reviews over on the blog I started for my podcast, Stumbling in the Dark: http://stumbledark.wordpress.com. (Here's my review of the Kamelot show; and here's my review of the Mission show.)

Eklipse are a string quartet playing covers of rock and pop songs:

I'm actually not that fond of Delain musically, but I could photograph them all night.

I got very few good photos of Kamelot, because by the time they hit the stage, I was packed in shoulder-to-shoulder with about 800 other excited metalheads, and even the superb image stabilization software in this camera can't cope with the transmitted momentum of 800 people jumping up and down to "Rule the World". I did get one rather nice shot:

This picture more accurately represents typical viewing conditions during the show. (And illustrates the perils of relying on auto-focus - of all the things in that shot I might have wanted in crisp detail, the arm hair of the dude in front of me was not one of them.)

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