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Some of our episodes have gone un-missing 
8th-Oct-2013 08:45 am
So, there have been rumors going around for months now about some missing episodes of Doctor Who turning up. The early versions of the rumors were clearly ridiculous - one report that was floating around had all 106 remaining missing episodes turning up in Ethiopia, a country which only ever received 77 episodes of Doctor Who for broadcast. More recent rumors seemed more reasonable, but details have been sketchy, and the BBC has kept saying that they couldn't confirm anything.

Well, it looks like the BBC is ready to confirm that something has been recovered. Details still vague, but I do like the phrasing "a number of early episodes." A number seems to imply more than two. Perhaps a generous handful. Probably not more than that. We'll see.

What missing episode would you most like to see found? I'd like to see any of the episodes of "Power of the Daleks", which is one of my favorite 2nd Doctor stories.
9th-Oct-2013 12:35 am (UTC)
I lack the familiarity necessary to know what might be interesting, but it's still awesome news!
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