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LJ and Firefox doing weird things 
25th-Oct-2013 01:32 pm
Since I last updated Firefox about a week ago, accessing livejournal seems to give me an endless series of messages reading "This web page is being redirected to a new location. Would you like to resend the form data you have typed to the new location?"

As far as I can tell, nothing is actually being redirected anywhere. If I click OK, I can use the site for a minute or two and then I get another popup message.

The site behaves fine in Safari and Chrome, so for now my solution is "Use something other than Firefox to access LJ." But I'm curious whether anyone else has seen this problem and knows of a fix. (Eventually I will sit down and do a serious search for a solution. But I'm too busy and not quite annoyed enough right now, so I thought I'd go the lazywebs route.)
25th-Oct-2013 11:59 pm (UTC)
I am using Firefox 24.0 without any problem.

And you've got a paid account, so it's not some misbehaving ad... strange.
26th-Oct-2013 12:56 am (UTC)
Hmmm - then I'm guessing it must either be some Firefox plugin that I've installed, or something glitchy involving my workplace's internet filtering software. I'll have to try with Firefox on a non-work computer and see what happens.
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