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Scam alert 
8th-Apr-2014 02:05 pm
Here's a weird thing to be on the lookout for: I got a phone message from a "Lt. Mike Stevens of the San Jose Police Department Warrants Division" saying he was trying to contact me and giving a number at which I could call him back.

Something about this struck both Daniel and me as fishy. He didn't give a case number or any other indication of what this was about. The San Jose Police Department doesn't actually appear to have a "Warrants Division" per se. And a quick Google search on the phone number suggested that it was a random Verizon wireless number. It certainly didn't bring up any hits associated with the San Jose police.

Then I turned up this news piece about a scam in Orange County in which someone posing as a "Lt. Mike Stevens of the Orange County Warrant Division" scammed peopled by pretending to collect unpaid traffic fines.

Just in case, I called the main switchboard of the San Jose Police Department, and they confirmed that it was a scam call.

So if someone calls you from your local police department, you might want to be careful and call the main police number rather than calling back whatever number they give you.
9th-Apr-2014 01:43 am (UTC)
... Good to know about. That is creepy.
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