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Music Monday: Duran Duran called... 
28th-Jul-2014 05:44 pm
sunglasses, south-park
...and they would like their guitar riff back.

So, when The Hunger Games movie came out, I was somewhat awed by the realization that there would be an entire generation of kids for whom Lenny Kravitz was just "the actor who played Cinna," because they were all born after his big hits came out.

But Kravitz is still making music, and I am personally a bit weirded out to find that he has moved on from making an ersatz fusion of all the best bits of 70s rock to trying to do the same thing with 80s pop. I'm not sure how well it works. I dig the scratchy little syncopated guitar riff on verse and the reverb-washed chords on the chorus, but the vocals are kind of atrocious. Authentically and deliberately atrocious, but still.

Overall, I don't think I like the song, but I'm weirdly curious to hear the rest of the album, because I think it will be a strangely queasy nostalgia trip. I wonder if this is how people who actually encountered 70s rock in real time felt about Kravitz's early singles.

I'm putting the video itself below a cut so as not to unnecessarily spam the f-list with crotch shots.

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