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Ardek from Carach Angren 
25th-Oct-2014 06:02 pm
calm, metal
I went to a show at the Oakland Metro Thursday night that featured five bands: Carach Angren, Abysmal Dawn, Inquisition, Septicflesh, and Deicide. Unfortunately, my camera battery crapped out halfway through Abysmal Dawn's set, so I didn't get any photos of Inquisition (who provided me with some of my favorite ever live photos when I saw them on the Metal Alliance Tour) or Septicflesh (whose singer wears some rather marvelous body armor on stage that I'd love to photograph). However, to compensate, I got some nice shots of Carach Angren, in particular.

This one illustrates why I love taking concert photos. It's not a technically perfect photo, but the halo effect of the keyboardist's hair, his expression, and even the way the autofocus perversely chose the sleeve of his coat as the focal point are things that I love. And I'd never be able to stage any of those effects deliberately.
27th-Oct-2014 06:07 pm (UTC)
That is fabulous.
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