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Spotify Year In Music 
7th-Dec-2014 02:26 pm
calm, metal
So, Spotify has a cute "Your Year in Music" thing (https://www.spotify-yearinmusic.com/), where it will generate stats on what you've listened to this year. Something I found particularly interesting were the stats on the country of origin of the music I listened to on Spotify this past year:

United Kingdom: 20%
United States: 19%
Sweden: 15%
Norway: 11%
Italy: 6%

The real surprise on that list is Italy, because I think most of that figure is probably attributable to a single band, Lacuna Coil. I mean, there'll also be some Forgotten Tomb, Goblin, and a few other bands in there, but I listened to a lot of Lacuna Coil in 2014.

I might have expected Greece and Finland to make the list, since I think that those two countries rival Sweden and Norway in their production of high quality heavy metal per capita, but that's not reflected in my Spotify listening at least. (It would be interesting to crunch the numbers on my last.fm stats, which include additional listening sources besides Spotify. Hmmm, I wonder if that last.fm API includes geographical info for artists.)
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