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People being oddly mature on the internet 
16th-Dec-2014 12:20 pm
calm, metal
Overall, MetalGate looks like it's a non-starter, in that it's just failing to generate the sheer volume of social media ugliness that GamerGate inspired. However, there have been some interesting developments:

1. A singer for a couple of minor but critically well-respected black metal* bands decided to seize the occasion to send harassing and threatening social media messages to a feminist music journalist and some members of some other bands.

2. The singer's bandmate in one of the bands responds by firing him.

3. A bunch of metal blogs write about the story, in some cases using the journalist's name and/or posting screencaps of protected social media posts.

4. Journalist tweets to these bloggers, pointing out that screencapping protected social media posts is uncool, and that using her name in these stories will drive further harassment her way.

5. Bloggers apologize, remove her name and protected content from the posts.

People facing professional consequences for harassing people on the internet? Male allies apologizing and trying to fix the situation when a woman tells them, "Hey, guys, you are not helping"? What strange internet have I stumbled into?

*For those unfamiliar with the metal scene, "black metal" does not equal "metal performed by black people". Indeed, owing to the peculiar history of the subgenre, it is probably the whitest subgenre in a very white genre.
21st-Dec-2014 07:09 pm (UTC)
All the metalheads I've met have been good people, which tempts me to say (without ever having really experienced it myself) that metal has a good community. I mean, aside from the murdering, church-burning Nazis.
22nd-Dec-2014 05:41 pm (UTC)
It's a very tolerant and open-minded community, and it's interesting watching it grapple with how far that tolerance and open-mindedness should be extended to people who are intolerant and closed-minded.
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