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12th-Apr-2015 03:31 pm
running, shoes
I did some real actual climbing yesterday with tiger_spot! I did one 5.5 wall relatively easily, made two partial tries at a second 5.5 wall, but didn't manage to get all the way up, and climbed a "5.fun" wall a couple of times just to build more endurance.

The good news: My left shoulder is doing fine. Didn't give me any trouble during the climbing, and isn't giving me any trouble today. I still don't quite have the reach or the strength with my left arm that I do with my right, but it's not so ridiculously unbalanced that I feel like I need to be afraid that I'm making the imbalances worse.

The interesting news: I have noticeably more upper body strength than I did when I last climbed. The 5.5 that I climbed is set on a bit of wall that has a bit of overhang. When I've climbed routes set there in the past, getting up over that overhang has always been pretty tough. This time it felt much easier.

The bad news: Well, as expected, my climbing endurance is kind of shot, and I've got a lot of skills to relearn.

Still, it's nice to be able to get back to it.
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