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A month's worth of reason's to vote for Helsinki in 2017, part 14 
14th-Jun-2015 11:03 am
I'm posting a Finnish heavy metal video every day in June in support of the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid. Longer explanation here.

Doing this series has certainly been educational for me. I had no idea before I started doing this that Finland had any industrial metal bands. And then I stumbled across Ruoska. (The name apparently means "whip".)

Oh, I don't think I defined "industrial metal" in my handy guide to metal subgenera. It means "sounds like Rammstein". Or, more helpfully, metal that incorporates elements of industrial music such as drum machines, samples, and a relatively danceable beat. At least if you like to stomp a lot when you dance.

Ruoska have some official videos on Youtube but they're mostly kind of terrible in a way that distracts from the music, which is mostly quite good, although some of the synthesizer sounds they've chosen sound a little cheap and cheerful.

This is "Narua" from Ruoska:

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