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A month's worth of reasons for vote for Helsinki in 2017, part 19 
19th-Jun-2015 10:05 am
I'm posting a Finnish heavy metal video every day in June in support of the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid. Longer explanation here.

OMG y'all, I nearly left out Shade Empire because I forgot they were Finnish. Metal-archives describes Shade Empire as "Melodic Industrial Death/Black Metal". Elsewhere on the Interwebs they've been described as "symphonic melodic black metal with progressive metal influences". In other words, they sound like everything. I don't hear the "industrial" bit myself, but maybe there's a song somewhere with a drum machine on it.

Regardless of what genre we place them in, what I like about Shade Empire is that they are quite good at balancing the heavy/harsh elements and the melodic ones. This song is both crushing and quite beautiful in a way.

This is "Ruins" by Shade Empire.

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