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Back in...er, navy blue 
29th-Jun-2015 08:49 am
bannakaffalatta, short
I'm back from a week of traveling. Spent a lovely few days up at Lake Tahoe with a large collection of Daniel's family. Did some hiking, caught up with what various cousins are doing. Younger Nephew had a bit of an unpleasant time culminating in an emergency appendectomy, but he's fine now.

Then Daniel and I flew to Minneapolis for the 4th Street Fantasy convention. 4th Street confirmed its place as my favorite small con that I'm not involved in running. And I got to spend time with some of my favorite people who I don't see very often. (And some of my favorite people who I actually do see fairly often, but, hey, flying halfway across the country and then having dinner with someone who lives an hour's drive away is just part of the SF Fandom experience. I've decided to stop feeling silly about it. Note that this is not the same thing as actually stopping feeling silly about it, but it's a necessary if not sufficient condition.)

I wore this T-shirt for the flight home, and so had the amusing experience of going through security and being approached by a TSA employee who said, "Okay, I have to stop you here: where can I get that T-shirt?" Heh. I swear, I get more compliments on that shirt than on any other t-shirts I own.
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