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A month's worth of reasons to vote for Helsinki in 2017, part 29 
29th-Jun-2015 11:00 am
sunglasses, south-park
I'm posting a Finnish heavy metal video every day in June in support of the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid. Longer explanation here.

Mirzadeh might be the first Finnish heavy metal band I ever heard. A few years back, when I decided I really wanted to broaden my knowledge of heavy metal outside of the U.S. and the U.K., I went and downloaded a bunch of free or cheap heavy metal compilations from various places. This was actually a terrible strategy for getting any kind of real overview of the international metal scene, especially since most of the compilations were just musical shovel-ware thrown together by record labels that wanted to get some promotion for their bands. But I did discover a few bands that stuck with me, Mirzadeh among them.

These guys need to work on their videos, though. Their first video featured the band wearing makeup and performing in the snow. This one features the band wearing makeup and performing on a green-screened mountain top. Not super original.

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