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Interesting observation 
29th-Jun-2015 03:43 pm
So, this is what my experience of loading and unloading my luggage from airplane overhead bins was like on my most recent trip: "Excuse me, ma'am, do you need help with your -- oh, clearly you don't." All my shoulder rehab still hasn't quite given me back 100% normal range of motion, but on sheer strength, I have clearly surpassed where I was pre-injury.

But this got me thinking: back when my shoulder injury was at its worst, people were generally very good about offering to help me when they saw me struggling with my luggage. (Although I also checked my bag more often - sometimes you just don't want to to put yourself in a position to rely on the kindness of strangers, especially strangers on airplanes, which are not an environment that brings out the best of human nature.)

But when I think further back, back to the days when I had very little upper body strength, it was very rare that anyone offered to help me with my luggage, even when I was visibly struggling with it. I somehow doubt that we've all just gotten nicer. I do kind of feel that since the airlines started putting bigger fees on checked luggage and more restrictions on carry ons, passengers have taken a more cooperative attitude towards getting everyone's bags stowed on planes. Or maybe it's just that I'm older now, and more plausibly look like someone who might need help?
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