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A perfect illustration of how my week so far is going 
21st-Jul-2015 11:51 am
talent, pencil
I got an email from my engineering support services guy yesterday saying that my shiny new laptop was ready, but I didn't pick it up because I was too busy working on a presentation for a group of interns that I had to give this morning. So I went to my presentation to this room full of enthusiastic fresh-faced twenty-somethings with a shitty old borrowed loaner laptop, which then proceeded to Fail to Work all over the place, until one of these twenty-somethings rescued me by downloading my presentation from the engineering wiki and allowing me to project it from his shiny new MacBook.

These interns are either immaculately polite or I still did a decent enough job on the presentation, because they did not treat me as if I were the complete chucklehead that I felt like.

The kids are alright. The grownups would like their tech to stop inexplicably breaking at inconvenient times, thanks very much.
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