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The best lifts have the funniest names 
27th-Jul-2015 01:52 pm
wirrn, FTW
Today's workout: deadlift + hang clean + split jerk. Just using the barbell with no additional weight. Kinda hard to get the timing on the split jerk right: holding the bar at shoulder height, you squat down slightly and then use the momentum of straightening your hips to shove the bar upward while you jump your feet forward and back so that you land in a split stance. Time it right and you get a nice satisfying clunk out of the bar as everything locks into place at once. Time it wrong and you land in a split stance and still have to muscle the bar upward another few inches using sheer strength. It actually feels pretty badass even if you do it wrong. Doing it right feels amazing. Also exhausting. I thought the deadlift was a full body lift, but this is something else.

The eventual progression from this is being able to do a proper Olympic clean and jerk. Which would be super awesome.
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