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Unleash the Archers! 
30th-Jul-2015 10:52 am
sunglasses, south-park
I'm really liking Spotify's new "Discover Weekly" playlist. Every Monday, I get a new playlist of about 2 hours of songs that Spotify thinks I'll like, based on my previous listening history. It's much more varied and interesting than what I usually get out of Spotify radio, and requires less effort than manually clicking through a list of recommended artists and albums. It's kind of a stupidly simple idea, but it works.

One of my favorite discoveries to come out of this so far is a band called Unleash the Archers. Like all my favorite power metal, they go straight for that part of your brain that wanted to be your D&D character when you were twelve. Plus, lead their singer is pretty impressive.

Plus, they are totally rocking a Mad Max thing in this video:
31st-Jul-2015 05:20 pm (UTC)
I just want to say that I like it when you post music videos, even if I don't end up watching or commenting on them. Also, the vocals on this one are quite solid.
31st-Jul-2015 10:44 pm (UTC)
Posting videos satisfies that little part of me that is trying to resign itself to the fact that I'll never get to host Headbangers' Ball on MTV. But it's nice to know that other people enjoy it, too.
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