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Clearly someone needs to market the "Heavy Metal Workout" 
26th-Sep-2015 05:56 pm
running, shoes
According to my new Fitbit, at the concert I attended last night, I took about 14,000 steps and climbed 7 flights of stairs. (I didn't actually climb any flights of stairs, but I guess if you jump up and down enough and/or wave your hands over your head, the device interprets that as an elevation change.)

Mind you, last night's headliner was Eluveitie, and they played a set consisting of 45 minutes of folk metal, 30 minutes of acoustic Irish folk music, and 45 more minutes of metal. I doubt the number of steps would have been that high if it had been an evening of funeral doom metal.

I am also amused that on the heart rate monitor data, I can pinpoint the time when the band asked everyone to dance and then played the following song. Got my heart rate right up into the Cardio Zone there.

28th-Sep-2015 12:46 am (UTC)
Nice work!
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