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Wendy's European Music Festival Adventure, Take 2, is officially a go! 
2nd-Oct-2015 01:06 pm
calm, metal
So, I've had an ambition for a while to attend a proper European music festival. My first attempt to make this ambition a reality started when I backed a Kickstarter for the ill-fated Alt-Fest. To recap a long story, the festival filed for bankruptcy a week and half before the event, and I had a swell trip to England and Wales that included a nice consolation prize show at Slimelight.

In an effort not to repeat the Alt-Fest experience, I've had my eye on a few smaller, better established festivals - ones that have been running for a few years, and whose organizers seem to have a solid grip on what the audience wants. One of these was Roadburn. It's been running for about a decade, it takes place in an indoor venue (better sound and no standing in line for porta-potties!), and it's focused on doom metal, which is is one of my favorite subgenres. And it takes place in April, which makes it unlikely to land on top of a critical work or FOGcon-related deadline.

What really clinched my decision to go this coming year, though, was when they announced that Paradise Lost would be playing their Gothic album in its entirety.

Also, they've booked so many bands from Finland that they are describing it as the "Finnish takeover" of Roadburn. You all have some idea how I feel about Finnish metal.

Tickets went on sale today. A couple of years ago, the tickets sold out in 7 minutes, so I preconfigured my Ticketmaster.nl account, set an alarm on my phone, and hit the website at noon sharp. And I got a ticket.

So, I'm going to the Netherlands in April.
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