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Pump up the volume! 
5th-Nov-2015 12:56 pm
running, shoes
I tried something a bit different today for my pushup training. I got the idea from an old episode of The FitCast that had a Q&A with Jim Wendler, author of the very popular "5/3/1" training program. He had a question from a listener who could do about 7 chinups in a row, but was having trouble increasing his reps beyond that. Wendler's advice was to pick a number of reps well below his max, like, say 2, and do a set of chinups after each set of all the other exercises he did in his workout. The idea is that you a) end up doing more total reps than you would if you did a more conventional 3-5 sets to failure and b) you never hit the point where your form breaks down.

So, I tried this today. Went to the gym, warmed up, did a set of 2 pushups with my hands elevated on a weight bench, then did a set of some other exercise. Repeated until done. I ended up doing 17 sets of 2, which does add up to quite a few more reps than I'd do with my previous routine.

Also, I finished my workout with the most amazing upper arm pump. I nearly took triceps selfies for y'all.
7th-Nov-2015 12:34 am (UTC)
Nice work!

I've used that concept successfully myself. It's clever to approach things in a sorta sneak up on the muscles way...
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