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808s and Bumper Plates

I can now do 8 push ups in a row with my hands elevated on a weight bench. Double digits, here we come.

Also had a good deadlift workout today:
135lbs for 5 reps
155lbs for 5 reps
175lbs for 3 reps
185lbs for 1 rep
195lbs for 1 rep <-- New PR

Also, apparently the grip strength work that I've been doing for the past couple of months has really paid off, because I did all of those with an overhand grip. (In addition to the deadlift itself, which is a pretty fantastic grip exercise, I've been doing farmers' walks and dead hangs from the pull up bar.)

I was kind of tempted to sling an extra 5 lbs on the bar and see if I could pull 200lbs, but I really want my trainer to be there to see that, and he's off this week visiting family for the holidays.

Also, I don't normally do heavy deadlifts and lots of push ups in the same workout, and now I know why. After finishing the deadlifts and push ups, I was *done*. I managed a wonky set of goblet squats and a fairly lackluster set of dumbbell rows, and then decided to just finish out my workout with an extra long foam rolling and stretching session.
Tags: fitness, picking up heavy objects
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