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I stumbled across this rather fascinating review article entitled, "… 
4th-Feb-2016 11:16 am
diabetes, insulin
I stumbled across this rather fascinating review article entitled, "The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health and Disease". A lot of it is stuff that I was vaguely aware of, but one thing that I really didn't appreciate is the extent to which the body's protein needs can rise substantially with acute illness or injury. Given that your body will take the protein from your muscles if it can't get it from your diet, that might explain part of why an acute injury or illness can cause so much long term debility.

The article also makes a good case that the current dietary recommendations for protein were developed without taking into account requirements for preserving or increasing muscle mass, and should probably be revised upwards. I agree, although it's worth noting that the average American eats nearly twice the currently recommended amount of protein per day, so changing the guidelines wouldn't necessarily have a dramatic effect on overall health.

Anyway, I had a fairly strenuous workout yesterday, and quite a bit of my muscle mass is complaining today, so it's nice to be reminded that it's doing me some good.
4th-Feb-2016 07:42 pm (UTC)
I think I've been more or less constantly sore for the last several weeks, as I've been working myself harder in karate than ever before (prepping for my black belt test). Like, almost every class I make sure to run all of the kata I need to do for my test back-to-back, with only a few seconds between them. O_O
4th-Feb-2016 08:09 pm (UTC)
No matter how many exercise physiology articles I read saying that DOMS is not necessarily the sign of a good workout, I always feel a bit of satisfaction when I'm sore after a workout. As long as it's not the oh-god-I-can't-get-out-of-my-chair level of soreness.

And I probably don't need to tell you this, but make sure you give yourself a couple of nice easy days before your test. Nothing worse than getting so sore prepping for a test that you fail the test. (Shout out to my 7th grade gym teacher and the reason I scored 0 on the sit-ups portion of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test that year.)
4th-Feb-2016 08:30 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah -- I'll probably still go to class on Wednesday and Thursday (the test is on a Friday), in order not to look like a slacker if nothing else, but I'll take it easy. And the stuff I've been doing at home, the shrimps and the push-ups, will stop a couple of days before the test.

I'm also going to prioritize getting a lot of sleep. :-P

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