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Awesome customer service alert 
8th-Feb-2016 02:54 pm
wirrn, FTW
I was already pretty darn impressed with TomboyX for a) having a nice diversity in both race and body size in the people modeling the clothing on their website, and for b) actually making clothing in a wide range of sizes. (I can't tell you how many clothing websites I've visited that essentially have the unspoken message, "You would like cute androgynous style and you are bigger than a size 10? Ha ha, go away, fatty!")

I was even more impressed when, after I'd placed an order with them, I got an email from their customer service department saying, "Hey, we noticed that your order has a mix of sizes in it. Before we pack it, we just wanted to check - did you really mean to order 2 XLs and an XS?"

No, I hadn't - I must have made an error in the online form. But it was really awesome that they noticed and checked. I am not used to that kind of attention to detail in my online shopping experiences.

I just kind of wish that more of their stuff didn't have the word "Tomboy" emblazoned in giant letters all over it. Because I kind of have issues with the word, though clearly not the aesthetic.
9th-Feb-2016 12:33 am (UTC)
I'll be curious what your assessment of the actual product is; I've been looking for underwear just like that for a while now, and they're a little more spendy than I'd normally, but if the quality is good, I'll go for it.
9th-Feb-2016 01:14 am (UTC)
I will definitely let you know. I balked a bit at the price myself, but I've struck out enough times trying to find the right combination of style, fit, and durability that I thought I'd take the gamble.
9th-Feb-2016 08:19 am (UTC)
Dear god, yes about the company name. Even apart from any issues with the name, I don't want clothing whose most obvious characteristic is LOOK WHERE I GOT THIS.
9th-Feb-2016 05:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there is that as well. I have grudgingly acquiesced to becoming a walking billboard in the gym sometimes, because my favorite athletic clothing manufacturer has taken a sharp turn towards emblazoning their name in large bold letters on nearly everything they make. I'm not ready to go there in my ordinary street clothes.
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