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The relentless narrative of what? 
4th-Mar-2016 11:47 am
The Guardian has this fascinating article in which people who support Trump explain why. There is no way in hell that this constitutes a representative sample -- for a start, "Trump supporter who reads The Guardian" is a statistical outlier to begin with, but I'm sure The Guardian has cherry-picked the most entertaining submissions.

It's still an interesting showcase in "Wow, these are people who conceive of politics very differently from me."

I'm a bit flabbergasted by the people who are supporting Trump *because* they think he would be terrible for America. Maybe things really do need to get really terrible before the American people will wake up and fight for what's right. I'd rather fight for what's right now and skip the 4-8 years of suffering and being a global embarrassment. It's a thing to think about?

This bit is my favorite, though:

How on earth can we hope to defeat these people, with their complete domination of the national conversation and relentless narrative of “Progress! Tolerance! Acceptance! Feels!”?

Progress! Tolerance! Acceptance! Feels! How terrible! I'll tell you what that is, that's treating people with respect gone mad! Where will it lead?
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