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10th-Jun-2016 05:58 pm
Just wrote my first script in Python. I was trying to extract the table of contents from a PDF file. I tried two different Ruby gems, each of which failed to work in a different annoying way. I eventually decided that continuing to troubleshoot would probably take me longer and be more irritating than installing Python, installing the PDFMiner library, and following the handy-dandy code example that showed exactly what I wanted to do.

Writing Python after achieving a certain fluency in Ruby reminded me almost exactly of trying to speak Italian in Florence after a lifetime of being steeped in Spanish. I could understand a lot, and generally make myself understood, but I could never pronounce the word "pollo" correctly on the first try.

Anyway, now I've gotta go read up on basic Python syntax so that I can actually do something useful with this information I've managed to extract.
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