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Advice on interviewing a developer? 
17th-Aug-2016 01:52 pm
I've been asked to interview a potential candidate for a tools developer on my team at work. The job posting is here.

I've worked with plenty of developers, so I've got a pretty good notion of what I want in a candidate. I'm not planning on asking a lot of technical questions - there are other people on the team who will do that. Also, I really care much more about a hypothetical candidate's problem-solving abilities and their ability to understand the user mindset well enough that they'll build things that not only meet the technical requirements but actually help us do our jobs better. (In theory, translating writer requirements into language that developers can understand is part of my job. In practice, I've found that that's nearly infinitely easier to do with a developer who is willing to meet you halfway.)

Anyhow, I know that many of you are developers or regularly interview developers. I would love to hear about your favorite interview questions, or things you look for as red flags, or whatever. Please, give me advice.

Also, if you know anyone who would be a good candidate for the position, send them my way. The current candidate looks quite promising, but it never hurts to have a larger pool to choose from.
18th-Aug-2016 06:32 am (UTC)
Technical interviews are much easier!

One of the great questions that my previous small-company CEO was fond of was "What's your least-favorite operating system?" with a followup of "Can you describe something it does well?" The answer to the first didn't matter; the second was the real question.
19th-Aug-2016 01:46 am (UTC)
Nice. I used a variant of that in my interview today - it was helpful!
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