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The Natural History of Office Supplies 
24th-Jan-2008 11:01 am
talent, pencil
For some time now, I've been using a Levenger Circa notebook as my main notebook at work. You can read the gushy marketing-speak at the linked page, but basically I like it because it's as compact as a spiral notebook, and lets me arrange the pages in any order like a 3-ring binder. And I can keep a calendar in the front of the notebook. Its only real drawback is needing to remember to reorder refills of the special paper at regular intervals.

I've suddenly noticed lots of this style of notebook popping up in the hands of my co-workers at meetings, usually in the snazzy clothbound versions. I'm wondering if there was a sudden marketing push, or if the Circa made someone's list of the "perfect holiday gift for the corporate drone who wants to become more organized".

I'm also curious to see whether the Circa makes inroads amongst the Dayrunner crowd (already used to buying special paper refills), or whether it challenges the creeping ascendancy of the Moleskine. Will the simple yellow legal pad stage a surprise comeback? Coming soon to a conference room near you, the next exciting installment of Notebook Wars!
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