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Miscellaneous Things... 
2nd-Mar-2008 08:44 pm
language, voyage
Life has been good lately, though not the sort of life that makes for good LJ entries. Unless y'all really want to hear about how I scrubbed the shower yesterday. No?

Some of the more notable things I have been doing today:

  • Continuing to laugh my head off at this LJ entry: Pleasure Town is Invite Only!. sarahtales describes her first encounter with romance novels as a precocious nine year old. It is hilarious.

  • Listening to the first episode of Paul Magrs's "Never the Bride" over on BBC7. A rather delightful tale of a landlady of a B&B in Whitby who is more than she seems. (Fans of Magrs's Doctor Who work will be thinking, "She's a Time Lord!" I'm sure she's not, or not precisely anyway.) For the next week, you can hear the first episode via the BBC's "Listen Again" service. (Requires RealPlayer).

  • Cooking eggplant! With great success! After many unsatisfactory attempts to cook eggplant, I think I may finally be getting the hang of it. I posted the recipe for "Eggplant with Peppers and Yogurt" over at Spaceling Cafe.

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