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Random Ramblings 
27th-Apr-2008 02:54 pm
So, last night neither Daniel nor I were feeling particularly great, so we elected to stay home and not expose the rest of the family to our germs. I made avgolemono soup, and we watched Casino Royale (the recent one, with Daniel Craig). Best Bond film I've seen in a while.

Today, the sore throat that I had Friday and yesterday is gone, so I think that speaks well for a regimen of tea and chicken soup.

I've been playing around with both last.fm and Pandora, and seem to have discovered a previously unknown affinity for Dutch goth metal bands.

Odd podcast discovery of the week: The BBC's Ramblings with Clare Balding. Each week, Balding takes a walk in a different part of Britain with a couple of knowledgeable locals, and records it. There's a curious kind of double vision that results from tromping around the streets of suburban San Jose while listening to someone narrate a walk on a beach in Penarth.
28th-Apr-2008 02:48 am (UTC)
I'm vegetarian myself, but that does look like a yummy chicken soup recipe, the more seasonally appropriate because it's Greek-Orthodox Easter (and I gather from Louis de Bernieres that avgolemono soup is often served at Easter feasts). Glad to hear your sore throat's gone.

I shall have to check out that podcast.
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