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30th-May-2008 11:30 am
language, voyage
So, just as I've been nattering about the possibililty of casting Paterson Joseph for Doctor Who, I stumbled across the news that the BBC is resurrecting Terry Nation's Survivors as a drama to be airing this fall. Starring, among others, Paterson Joseph. And Freema Agyeman. Not to mention Shaun Dingwall and Nikki Amuka-Bird. It's darn near a Whoniverse reunion.

I have absolutely no familiarity with the original series, but the cast looks great, and Terry Nation knew how to come up with concepts for great TV shows. I think I'm looking forward to it.
30th-May-2008 09:18 pm (UTC)
...I think I must be one of the literati.

The thing that made me glee at the end of the article was that the publishers of the original 1976 book are reprinting it to coincide with the remake.
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